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Minnehaha County Court Records

Minnehaha County court records provide information on court-related events. The records may exist in digital or physical formats. For instance, you can find online copies of the records at self-service terminals in Minnehaha court locations. Minnehaha court records may also differ based on the case type and status. For example, you may find arrest data in criminal records but not in civil court court documents.

Note: South Dakota court records help ensure the courts follow standard legal procedures. Record seekers may also use the records to find information on individuals or entities.

Are Court Records Public in Minnehaha County?

According to South Dakota Codified Laws, Minnehaha County court records are mostly accessible to public members. However, the law restricts access to court records listed under South Dakota CL 1-27-1.5. Exempt court records in Minnehaha County include the following:

  • Attorney work products or data that are subject to Article V of Chapter 19-19
  • Documents classified as confidential by court order or state and federal laws
  • Personal data on minors or juveniles in court cases
  • Personal notes, memoranda, and drafts created by court officials.
  • Court documents which may affect the safety and privacy of the record subject.

Minnehaha County Court Records Search

Record seekers must direct all searches for Minnehaha court records to custodian agencies. Court records in Minnehaha County are under the purview of state and local government agencies. These agencies may allow online, walk-in, or mail-in access to court records under their custody. For example, the Minnehaha County Register of Deeds allows mail-in or in-person orders for court records.

To access court records online, requesters must input the required search data. In contrast, you may need to create a request letter to obtain records via mail or walk-in request options. The request letters must contain the case party’s name, case number, and other search details.

Minnehaha County Court Records Search by Name

Record seekers can conduct name-based searches for court records via South Dakota's Public Access Record System (PARS) and eCourt platform. PARS maintains criminal court cases and protection orders, while the eCourt keeps records of other court case types.

To use the PARS platform, requesters may create an account or search as a guest. Next, requesters must input these case details:

  • The case party's first and last name
  • Birth date
  • Case type

You must also create an account to use the eCourt platform and input the case party's name to access court records on the portal.

Note: Court records cost $20 per search on the PARS platform. However, the eCourt charges $0.10 per page and a maximum of $3 per document.

Minnehaha County Courts

Minnehaha County courts consist of circuit and magistrate courts. The courts’ location and contact information are:

Minnehaha County Circuit Court
425 N Dakota Avenue
Sioux Falls, SD 57104
Phone: (605) 367-5900
Fax: (605) 367-5916


Minnehaha County Magistrate Court
425 N Dakota Avenue
Sioux Falls, SD 57104
Phone: (605) 367-5900
Fax: (605) 367-5916

Minnehaha County District Court Records

There are no district courts in Minnehaha County. Instead, the circuit and magistrate courts oversee cases normally under district courts' jurisdiction. Both courts oversee criminal and civil court cases. The magistrate court has jurisdiction over misdemeanors, small claims, and traffic violations, while the circuit court handles all other cases.

You can find these records at the courthouse that handled the case. Requesters must make a request in person at the courthouses during business hours.

Alternatively, requesters can access district court records online. The PARS platform maintains online criminal court records, while the eCourt provides access to civil court cases.

Minnehaha County Criminal Records

The South Dakota Division of Criminal Investigation maintains access to Minnehaha County criminal records and issues criminal records to only the record subject. To access criminal records from the DCI, record seekers must follow these steps:

  • Create an account on the DCI website
  • Fill out an online background check request form
  • Complete the payment using a credit card or bank transfer on the DCI platform. The personal criminal records check costs $26.75.
  • Print the payment receipt and take it to the Livescan center.
  • Visit any Livescan center for fingerprinting. You must enter the same login details as the one used on the DCI website.

Minnehaha County Criminal Court Case Lookup

Record seekers can search Minnehaha County criminal court cases online via the South Dakota PARS portal. To view the record, requesters must create an account and pay the required fee on the platform. It costs $20 per search to view criminal court case records.

An alternative option is to visit the courthouse that handled the court case. The clerk of the courts may hold criminal records. The Minnehaha County Clerk of Court is located at:

425 N Dakota Avenue
Sioux Falls, SD 57104
Phone: (605) 367-5900

Get Minnehaha County Civil Court Records

Minnehaha civil court records contain information on civil disputes. These records are accessible to public members via designated record custodians. For example, the eCourt portal maintains Minnehaha County civil court records online. Requesters must create an account and input the search details to view and download the record. Civil court records cost $0.1 per page and a maximum of $3 per document on the platform.

You may also find civil court records at the courthouse where the case was filed.

Minnehaha County Family Court Records

The Minnehaha County Circuit Court hears all family law cases. That said, the court has jurisdiction over family court cases, such as juvenile, adoption, child custody and visitation, and divorce.

To obtain Minnehaha County family court records, interested parties must visit the circuit court at this location:

Minnehaha County Circuit Court
425 N Dakota Avenue
Sioux Falls, SD 57104
Phone: (605) 367-5900
Fax: (605) 367-5916

Also, you may view Minnehaha County family court records online via the eCourt portal. Keep in mind that family court records may contain confidential data. Thus, record custodians may redact confidential parts of the documents from public access. Only the record subject, family relations, and legal representatives can view the reacted parts.

Minnehaha Dissolution of Marriage Records

In Minnehaha County, requesters can obtain dissolution of marriage records via these general steps:

  • Find the designated custodian agency for the record
  • Determine the preferred request method to get the record
  • Provide the required search information

Minnehaha County Marriage and Divorce Records

Minnehaha County’s Register of Deeds keeps records of marriage events from 1950. The agency issues copies of Minnehaha County marriage records to eligible parties. Those eligible to receive the record are the record subject, close relatives, legal representatives, and authorized personnel.

The Register of Deeds office allows walk-in or mail requests for these records. To get copies of the record, requesters must fill out and notarize a request form. Furthermore, they must include a $15 check. The fee only covers the first copy, while additional copies may incur more fees.

Next, send these documents via mail to:

Minnehaha County ROD
415 N Dakota
Sioux Falls, SD 57104

Note: You can obtain Minnehaha County marriage records from any state register of deeds office. In addition, you can obtain the record via mail or in person from the South Dakota Department of Health. Records requests to the department must be sent to this address:

Vital Records
221 West Capitol Avenue
Pierre SD 57501

On the other hand, you will find Minnehaha County divorce records at the county’s clerk of court. Make an in-person request to the clerk’s office at this address:

Minnehaha County Clerk of Court
425 N Dakota Avenue
Sioux Falls, SD 57104-2470
Phone: (605) 367-5900
Fax: (605) 367-5916

Minnehaha Birth and Death Records

Minnehaha birth and death records are under the purview of the county’s register of deeds and the South Dakota Department of Health. Keep in mind that Minnehaha's vital records are not public documents. Thus, the agencies will only release birth and death documents to the following requesters:

  • The record subject
  • Family relations, such as spouse, offspring, parents, grandparents, and guardians
  • Legal representatives
  • Authorized personnel, which may include physicians and funeral directors.

To obtain birth and death records from these agencies, requesters must fill out and notarize an application form for vital records. Next, they must include a $15 fee and send the required documents in person or via mail:

Minnehaha County ROD
415 N Dakota
Sioux Falls, SD 57104


Vital Records
221 West Capitol Avenue
Pierre SD 57501

Custodian agencies will only accept money orders for mail-based requests. Per South Dakota Codified Law 34-25-8, Minnehaha County birth records older than 100 years are not confidential documents. Thus, interested parties can view these records online by inputting the required search data.

Note: Minnehaha birth and death records primarily protect an individual’s right to personal property and identity. For example, Minnehaha County’s birth certificate verifies the record subject’s identity and ancestry rights to the county.

Minnehaha County Probate Court Records

Minnehaha County district court hears probate cases filed in the county. Probate case records may provide information on letters of administration, wills, guardianship papers, and probate proceedings.

The clerk of the district court keeps records of these documents. Interested parties can find these records at public self-service terminals at the district courthouse. In addition, requesters may obtain physical copies of the records by making an inquiry in the courthouse lobby.

Minnehaha County Circuit Court
425 N Dakota Avenue
Sioux Falls, SD 57104
Phone: (605) 367-5900
Fax: (605) 367-5916

Minnehaha County Property Records

Minnehaha County property records contain data on property ownership, plats, liens, deeds, valuation, taxation, and sales information. The county’s register of deeds is responsible for maintaining and providing access to property records.

Interested parties may view the records online via the Beacon search portal. In contrast, you may fill out an online request form to obtain the records via email. The register of deeds also allows in-person viewing of court records at this location:

Minnehaha County ROD
415 N Dakota
Sioux Falls, SD 57104

Minnehaha County’s Planning Department is an alternative option for accessing property records. The agency maintains a searchable portal for map-based property information and images.

Minnehaha County Court Records Online

Minnehaha court records are available online via the South Dakota Unified Public Access Record Search (PARS). Alternatively, you may also find online court records on third-party search sites like Operating independently of any state agency or official entity, these sites are often easy to navigate since you only need to input the required search input. Nevertheless, requesters must be cautious when using these sites since they may contain inaccurate court data.

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  • Bankruptcies
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  • Civil Judgements
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  • Probate Records
  • Marriage Records
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